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What happened to Big Chief on Street Outlaws?

Big Chief, also known as Justin Shearer, is one of the most popular and controversial figures on the reality TV show Street Outlaws. He has been involved in the street racing scene in Oklahoma City since he was nine years old, and he became the leader of the 405 crew, the fastest and most notorious group of racers in the country. He also hosted the show and organized the races for the top 10 list, which ranked the best street racers in OKC.

However, in recent seasons, Big Chief has been noticeably absent from the show, leaving many fans wondering what happened to him and why he left. Here are some of the possible reasons and explanations for his departure from Street Outlaws.

He had a fallout with the production company

One of the main reasons why Big Chief left Street Outlaws was because he had a disagreement with the production company, Pilgrim Studios, over the rules and format of the show. According to Big Chief, he wanted the show to be more authentic and realistic, and he did not like the idea of having outsiders and newcomers race their way into the show without earning their spot.

He explained his frustration in a YouTube video in April 2022, where he said that he was not invited to participate in the America’s List season, which featured the top 20 street racers from across the country. She said that he was the one who came up with the idea for the show, but he felt that some of the rules needed to be adjusted. He also said that he did not want to race against people who he did not know or respect, and he preferred to race against his friends and rivals from OKC.

He also revealed that he had a falling out with the production company over the No Prep Kings season, which featured races on unprepared tracks. She said that he was told to stay an extra day to do the final shoot, but his car broke down and he could not fix it in time. He said that he felt disrespected and betrayed by the production company, and he decided to quit the show.

He wanted to focus on his family and business

Another reason why Big Chief left Street Outlaws was because he wanted to spend more time with his family and his business. Big Chief has been married to Jackie Braasch, a fellow street racer, since 2019, and he has two sons from his previous marriage to Allicia Shearer. He said that he wanted to be a better husband and father, and he needed a break from the stress and pressure of the show.

He also wanted to focus on his company, Midwest Street Cars, which he runs with his friend and former co-star Shawn Ellington. The company offers car parts, merchandise, and services to street racing enthusiasts. Big Chief also has a YouTube channel, where he posts videos of his car builds, races, and other projects. He said that he enjoys being his own boss and having more creative freedom and control over his content.

He might return to the show in the future

Despite leaving Street Outlaws, Big Chief has not ruled out the possibility of returning to the show in the future. He said that he still loves street racing and he still has a passion for the sport. He also said that he still has a good relationship with some of his former co-stars, such as Ryan Martin, Daddy Dave, Monza, and Dominator. She said that he might join them for some races or events, but he is not interested in being a regular cast member or a race master.

He also said that he is open to the idea of having his own spin-off show, where he can showcase his skills and personality without the interference of the production company. He said that he has received some offers from other networks, but he has not made any decisions yet. She said that he wants to do something that is fun and exciting and that reflects his true self.

Big Chief is one of the most influential and respected figures in the street racing world, and he has left a lasting legacy on Street Outlaws. He has inspired and entertained millions of fans with his charisma, talent, and competitiveness. He has also faced many challenges and hardships, such as car crashes, injuries, and personal issues. She has shown his resilience and determination to overcome them and to pursue his dreams.

Big Chief may not be on Street Outlaws anymore, but he is still active and involved in the street racing scene. He is still chasing his goals and pushing his limits, and he is still loyal to his crew and his fans. He is still the Big Chief that everyone knows and loves, and he is still the king of the streets.

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