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Marium Soulslike Weaponry Wiki, Net Worth, And More

Marium Soulslike Weaponry Wiki

Marium’s Soulslike Weaponry is a popular Minecraft mod that adds over 30 legendary weapons, 5 bosses, new ores, and more. Various sources, such as movies, other games, and the creator’s imagination, mariumbacchus, inspire the mod. The mod is available for Minecraft versions 1.17.1 to 1.20.1 and requires a Fabric mod loader.


The mod has a wiki page on CurseForge, where you can find information about the weapons, bosses, crafting recipes, config options, and more. The wiki is updated regularly by Mariumbacchus and the community. You can also contribute to the wiki by editing or adding new pages.

Some of the weapons that you can find in the mod are:

  • Bloodthirster: A massive axe that heals you when you deal damage.
  • Comet Spear: A spear that shoots a comet when you right-click.
  • Darkin Blade: A sword that transforms into a scythe when you kill a mob.
  • Galeforce: A crossbow that fires a gust of wind that knocks back enemies.
  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade: A sword that increases your attack speed and damage with each hit.
  • Lich Bane: A sword that deals extra magic damage and applies a debuff to enemies.
  • Nightfall: A sword that creates a dark explosion when you kill a mob.

Net Worth

According to Modrinth, a platform for Minecraft mod developers and users, Marium’s Soulslike Weaponry has over 2.7 million downloads and over 3.4 thousand likes as of September 2021. The mod is among the most popular and well-received mods on the platform, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

The mod is free to download and use, but Mariumbacchus accepts donations through Patreon and PayPal. The donations help support the development and maintenance of the mod, as well as cover the costs of hosting and testing servers. As of September 2021, mariumbacchus has 17 patrons who pledge $72 per month.

Based on these numbers, we estimate that Mariumbacchus has a net worth of around $10,000 from the mod alone. This does not include any other sources of income or expenses that mariumbacchus may have.

Age and Height

Mariumbacchus has not publicly revealed their real name, age, or height. However, based on their social media profiles, we can infer some information about them.

Mariumbacchus uses they/them pronouns and identifies as non-binary. They are from Sweden and speak English and Swedish fluently. They are also interested in anime, music, art, and gaming.

Based on their profile picture, we can guess they are in their early 20s and have brown hair and eyes. Their height is unknown, but we can assume they are around the average height for Swedish people, 171 cm for men and 161 cm for women.


Suppose you want to know more about Marium’s Soulslike Weaponry or mariumbacchus. In that case, you can check out their official website, where you can find links to their social media accounts, Discord server, YouTube channel, Twitch stream, and more. You can also contact them through email at mar[email protected] or leave a comment on their CurseForge page.

Marium’s Soulslike Weaponry is a mod that adds a lot of fun and challenge to Minecraft. It is a must-try for fans of action RPGs and fantasy games. You can download it from CurseForge or Modrinth and enjoy the adventure!

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