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Indian Food in Tucson: A Guide to the Best Restaurants and Dishes

Indian Food in Tucson

Indian food is one of the world’s most diverse and flavorful cuisines, with a rich history and culture spanning thousands of years. Whether you are looking for spicy curries, fragrant biryanis, crispy samosas, or creamy desserts, you can find it all in Indian food. And if you are in Tucson, Arizona, you are in luck because there are many great options for Indian food in this city. Here are some of the best restaurants and dishes to try when craving Indian food in Tucson.

indian food in tucson


Sher-E-Punjab is a family-owned restaurant serving authentic North Indian cuisine since 1990. The name means “Lion of Punjab,” a region in northern India known for its rich and hearty dishes. Sher-E-Punjab offers a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, a lunch buffet, and a dinner menu. Some popular dishes include chicken tikka masala, lamb rogan josh, palak paneer, and garlic naan. The restaurant also has a full bar and a catering service.

India Oven

India Oven is another long-standing restaurant that specializes in North Indian cuisine. It has been voted one of the best Indian restaurants in Tucson by several local publications and has a loyal customer base. India Oven has a lunch buffet and a dinner menu, with a wide range of dishes to suit different tastes and preferences. Some signature dishes include tandoori chicken, butter chicken, dal makhani, and mango lassi. The restaurant also offers vegan and gluten-free options, delivery, and takeout.

Zyka Twist

Zyka Twist is a new addition to the Indian food scene in Tucson, having opened in 2023. It is located on 4th Avenue, a popular area for dining and nightlife. Zyka Twist offers a modern twist on traditional Indian dishes, with fusion flavors and creative presentations. Some dishes include chicken 65 tacos, paneer tikka pizza, masala fries, and gulab jamun cheesecake. The restaurant also has a bar and a patio seating area.

Spice Garden Indian Cuisine

Spice Garden Indian Cuisine is a restaurant focusing on South Indian cuisine, known for using rice, lentils, coconut, and spices. South Indian cuisine is also famous for its dosas, thin crepes made from fermented rice and lentil batter. Spice Garden Indian Cuisine has a variety of dosas on its menu, such as plain dosa, masala dosa, cheese dosa, and onion rava dosa. The restaurant also serves other South Indian dishes, such as idli, vada, uttapam, sambar, and chutney.

Saffron Indian Bistro

Saffron Indian Bistro is a restaurant that offers North Indian and South Indian cuisine, giving customers the best of both worlds. The restaurant has a lunch buffet and a dinner menu, with dishes that cater to different dietary needs and preferences. Some dishes include chicken biryani, lamb vindaloo, vegetable korma, and ras malai. The restaurant also has a full bar and a banquet hall.


Indian food is a diverse and delicious cuisine that can satisfy any palate. Whether you are looking for spicy or mild, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, North Indian or South Indian, you can find it all in Tucson. The next time you are in the mood for some Indian food, check out one of these restaurants and enjoy the flavors of India.

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