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Dan Vasc Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height, And More

 Dan Vasc Wiki

Dan Vasc is a Brazilian heavy metal singer, songwriter, and YouTuber who has gained popularity for his metal covers of songs from various genres and media. He is also a talented musician and a business owner who runs his website and merchandise store. In this article, we will explore some facts about his personal and professional life, as well as his achievements and net worth.

Personal Life

Dan Vasc was born on October 13, 1989, in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilHis full name is Daniel VasconcelosHe grew up listening to rock and metal music and started singing at 15He learned to play guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards. Dan Vasc also studied music theory and composition at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Dan Vasc is married to a woman named Ana, whom he met online in 2012They got married in 2016 and moved to Portugal in 2017They have a son named Lucas, who was born in 2019Dan Vasc is a Christian and often expresses his faith in his songs and videos.

Professional Life

Dan Vasc started his YouTube channel in 2009, where he uploaded some original songs and covers of bands like Iron Maiden, Halloween, and Rhapsody of FireHe gained more attention 2018 when he released his metal cover of “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher,” a song from the Netflix series The WitcherThe video went viral and has over 27 million views as of April 2023.

Since then, Dan Vasc has released more metal covers of songs from various sources, such as Disney movies, video games, TV shows, pop artists, and other metal bands. Some of his most popular covers include “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan, “My Mother Told Me” from Vikings, “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal, and “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” by Belinda CarlisleHe also collaborates with other singers and musicians, such as Fabio Lione, Violet Orlandi, Cole Rolland, and PelleK.

Dan Vasc is also a composer and producer of original music. He has released two albums: The Wolf And The Machine (2016) and The Ghost Of The Past (2020). Dan Vasc describes his style as “melodic power metal with symphonic elements.” He plays all the instruments and sings all the vocals on his albumsHe also offers vocal coaching and mixing services on his website.

Achievements And Net Worth

Dan Vasc is one of the most successful metal singers on YouTube. He has over 859K subscribers and over 142 million views on his channel as of April 2023He is also a #1 Amazon charting artist for his album The Ghost Of The Past. Dan Vasc has received positive feedback from fans and critics alike for his powerful voice, versatile range, and creative arrangements.

Dan Vasc’s net worth is estimated at around $1 million as of 2023. His primary sources of income are his YouTube revenue, album sales, merchandise sales, Patreon support, and online services. He also earns money from live performances and collaborations with other artists.


Dan Vasc is a talented and passionate metal singer who has made a name for himself on YouTube and beyond. He is known for his metal covers of songs from various genres and media and his original music. Dan Vasc is also a devoted husband, father, Christian, and businessman who strives to improve himself and inspire others. He is a role model for aspiring singers and musicians who want to pursue their dreams.

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